Why Does Your Content Marketing Not Work ? Beginner’s Errors

19 Nov
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Welcome to a new era of information where everything has changed and in which marketing, as it was practised ten years ago, does not happily work anymore.

The consumer is more and more informed and proactive in the way they consume. And he wants to know what he is buying!
Then comes the stage of content marketing.

What’s the goal?

Content marketing serves to demonstrate your know-how and thereby gain the confidence of your potential customers.
But content marketing also helps to attract quality traffic to your site. It brings your prospects to you, offering them content that interests them. No need to go looking for them with hammering advertisements!

Content marketing is, therefore, the most efficient way to find new customers today. But you must embark on this adventure knowing what you are doing.

Content Marketing: The 8 Most Common Mistakes

1. You do not write for your ideal customer

In your blog posts and other content, put yourself in the place of your ideal reader. Speak his language. Your reader must feel that you are writing for them. Talk to them about their problems. It’s not about writing about what you wanted to write today. But your content must be the solution to the problems your ideal client is looking for (on the Internet or other).

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The title of your article (or other) must correspond to a search of your target on the Internet as a solution to one of its problems. Talk about your customers’ problems and present your services as a solution to these challenges.

2. You speak to your homonyms

Indeed, one of the mistakes often made in your content is to talk to your homonyms, other experts in your area. Result? Only your competitors read your blog! Not your prospects. Even if sometimes you feel like talking about basic things, think that it is neither your competitors nor your homonyms that will pay for your services! So do not write for them, but again for your ideal customer!

3. You do not filter your market

Your goal is to penetrate your market. You must attract people who have the profile of your ideal client and run away from those with whom you do not want to work. If, through your blog, the only prospects come to you with whom you do not feel like working or with whom you cannot work, ask yourself what you are communicating in your message, your content. Then you readjust your content.

4. You forget your final goal

The ultimate goal of your content marketing is to get customers. So do not do it because everybody tells you to do it. But remember that its aim is to get qualified traffic to get new leads then. If this is not the case, postpone your content policy. Do not continue if you realise that you are unable to then transform the traffic that happens to you in prospect!

Ask yourself: What do I want the user to do after “consuming” my content? You want them to call, leave a comment, they buy, they sign up for your newsletter, etc.? Always accompany your content with a call to action.

5. You choose wrong formats

Select the type of content that best suits your strengths, talents and resources: articles, webinars, e-books, podcasts, etc.

6. You lack perseverance

Let’s not lie. Content marketing takes a long time to start with. It’s more or less like starting a locomotive. Initially, this will be very painful, and you will probably spend hours in the writing of each article. You will have to make efforts to start the machine.

But I assure you that, if you are persistent and you manage to create a certain amount of content, the effect will multiply, and this locomotive will advance by itself. You will then constantly have new contacts that will come to you, without you having to move a little finger.

So, be constant and persevering: few people are willing to do this job, so make the difference! Again, it will be hard at first, but if you are constant and you adjust your work as you go, you will see results for sure.
Of course, if you have neither the time, nor the capabilities, nor the energy to do so, you can also outsource this service to professionals.

7. Your website is not your ally

It does not help you to create all this content and visibility if you do not have a site optimised to capture all this new traffic and convert it to enrolled in your mailing list (then, in a second step, as customers).
So, make sure you have set up your registration forms on your site, all well as you should.

8. You are organising

Create your editorial calendar: On an Excel, ever note or Google Calendar, write down all the themes that you would like to discuss, to program for the following months which theme you are going to approach and when. This will avoid breakdowns of inspiration on the day of action!


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